Rebrand for San Francisco-based Coffee Roaster

Being from Portland, you can say I’m a bit of a coffee snob. I love checking out different coffee or tea shops in the city. I moved to the Bay Area, California for less than a year and that’s how I met Tom Carhart, owner, and CEO of Palio Coffee.

I was on my way out of San Francisco when I decided to help Tom and was excited to work on this opportunity with him. The name, Palio Coffee derived from “the Palio,” a century-old horse race run through the streets of Siena, Italy. Palio Coffee strives to preserve the age-old traditions of hand roasting coffee from the first crack to finish.



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The brand refresh process included logo design, then business cards, packaging and finally the website.

I wanted to preserve the essence of the Palio Coffee brand, but update the logo so it would look more modern and appeal to a younger audience. We decided to keep the iconic horse image used in his original logo. The horse is an important signifier of his brand and ties in the traditional method of coffee roasting and horse racing. I knew that, if we changed the icon too much, his loyal customers would not be happy with the brand redesign.

In the end, after two rounds of revisions, we decided to go with the second series of changes and chose version 5 in that draft. To mark the business start date, I incorporated the year his company was born to present a timeless feel. After the logo rebrand, the next step was designing the packaging.


We decided to keep the business card design minimalistic. The logo is the star of the show, so we used Palio’s navy and orange color palette for the cards to create contrast. We used as our vendor to print out the cards. Moo is an affordable service to print out high-quality business cards.


Although colorful, the previous packaging design read as dated. We wanted to keep the design on brand, so we were inspired by the new logo design to guide the new packaging design. Originally we were going to use the color palette for the bag design, but for cost efficiency, we chose to go the classic route of craft bag material and black ink. This look and feel give a timeless vibe which will carry the brand past current trends. After the bag packaging, we designed the business cards.


Logo | Palio Coffee derived from “the Palio,” a century-old horse race run through the streets of Siena, Italy.

Color palette | Orange, navy, gray, white and charcoal.

Typography | We wanted to use a similar line weight as Palio’s old logo, but give the design a modern twist. We settled on Regina Black as the primary font and Montserrat as the secondary font choice. Regina comes off older and timeless but still looks more modern than a traditional Serif font.


Using the Squarespace template, we designed a site that would tell Tom’s story and sell his coffee products. View Palio Coffee’s live site in the link below.