Contemporary Fashion Photographer based in Los Angeles.

I first met Mariya when we both were living in Portland, Oregon. A year ago, I decided on a whim to move to the Bay Area; we reconnected when I moved to Oakland. She’s a talented contemporary fashion photographer and her photographs embody strong and empowered female figures.

Being attracted to her style of photography, I was delighted to not only help her with her logo mark and to oversee the design of her thesis magazine, “Freedom to Choose.” Her thesis aimed to empower her models, and thereby enable her audience to adopt the traditional gender roles of the opposite sex.



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Mariya Stangl

Mariya and I have a similar design taste, clean and modern design with a twist. Narrowing down the process of designing for both the magazine and the logo, we created a mood board on Pinterest to share our design inspiration to remain on the same page.

Mariya is originally from Montana, so we were drawn to the shape of a triangle to represent the mountains of her hometown. However, as the logo transformed, and as a proclaimed feminist, she identified the upside down triangle, as symbolizing “feminine.” Using the letter M in the triangle created negative space in the triangle, forming a mountain shape. The mountain and the triangle gave the nod to her past and present.


Using the Pinterest mood boards as inspiration, we were quickly able to pick a look and feel for her thesis magazine. Mariya’s color palette for the magazine was vibrant with bold colors. Each spread used a different treatment for the typography, depending on the theme. The full 80-page magazine is now for sale on Blurb. To view the entire spread, click on the link below.


Logo  | Using the letter M in the triangle creates negative space in the triangle, forming a mountain shape. The mountain and the triangle give the nod to her past and present. The upside down triangle symbolizes the meaning, “feminine.

Color palette  | Orange, gray, white and charcoal.

Typography  | Tofino is Mariya’s signature font. Tofino, like Mariya’s photography style, has a broad range of line weights from Ultra Bold to Thin. We used this typeface throughout the magazine. Although the typeface is varied, the styling seems cohesive and brand-centric.


As a contemporary fashion photographer, Mariya Stangl’s narrative style is exemplified by showcasing strong emotion, mood, and attitude from her models as well as a diverse use of vibrant color palettes, unique composition, and attention to detail. Her thesis work, Freedom to Choose, utilizes her signature style to comment on the necessary update of contemporary gender roles, through a fashion lens. Click below to view her professional website.