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Art Direction | Web & Branding

Our Website Builder program is all about the everyday entrepreneur. We seek out customers who already have a product through GoDaddy, whether it’s a domain or site or even if we’re inspired by their business to build their online presence with Website Builder. We push the boundaries of what this builder can do so that we can create a website that best reflects the customers we’re helping.

Featured Project


Honest Lick Ice Creams

Honest Lick Ice Creams is a creamery located in Austin, Texas. All of their products are local and homemade. The site needed an overall refresh to match the vibe of their stores and their incredible owners. This site’s goal was to create an experience for the customer that would be fun and give you a taste of their creamery’s in store vibe.


Bling Jewelry

Bling is a locally handmade boutique jewelry shop. Emma's branding is unique. Feminine with a bit of grunge. Her jewelry is delicate and modern. Her site was so fun to work on.

Anare V. Holmes

Anaré V. Holmes is a motivation speaker and trainer, focusing on Crisis & Emergency Communications, Cultural Competency, Diversity & Inclusion and Mental Health & Leadership.

Hire A Creative

Hire A Creative is a community for creatives in Austin to be discovered and hired. Jane Ko is an influencer, photographer, and blogger. Her support for local creative artists inspired her to create a website for artists who lost their jobs in South By South West (SBSW), an event that got hit hard when the pandemic hit.

Yoganic Flow

Yoganic Flow is an outdoor yoga community that resides in Detroit, Michigan. Kerrie Trahan reached out to our team to help her refresh her companie's old website during the pandemic to help with sales and funding for her studio. Kerrie's new site now functions how she wanted her yoga studio to work for her community.

Con Qua Den​

Con Qua Den is a boutique second-hand clothing store located in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam. We reached out to the owner, Trâń Hoāng Minh because she didn't have a website and wanted to help her business thrive. She markets through Facebook and Instagram. We wanted to give her a more professional online presence to promote her business.

Oh Deer Tattoo

Oh Deer Tattoo is a tattoo shop located in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam. Similar to Con Qua Den, she also only markets her business through Instagram and Facebook. We reached out to her to create a site to connect her social account on her professional website. I enjoyed working on her site because her style is very bold, dark, and modern. Now it's easier for her clients to find her online.

Despina Hair

Despina is a hairstylist located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She didn't have an online presence other than using her Instagram to promote to her clients. Her style is very classic and timeless, with a contemporary feel.

In Bloom Boutique

In Bloom is a boutique selling pottery, housewares, and plants located in London, UK. Dalina only marketed her business through Etsy, and we wanted to help her business grow by creating a site for her.

Team Credits:

Jillian Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager), Brandon Baxter (GoDaddy Guide),
and Laurie Bloom (Project Manager).