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Romance & Rebellion – CR Design

& Rebellion

Art Direction | Web

LA-based retro-pop musicians Romance & Rebellion reached out to our marketing manager, Jillian Johnson, to create a website through GoDaddy. Being a bit of a music buff, I was pretty excited at the opportunity to work with a band with such a large social media following. I knew right off the bat that this project would be fun.

Project Brief

Before we started the design process, we met with Romance & Rebellion during a Zoom to chat about their website goals and what they wanted for their new website. After talking with them, we decided Website Builder would be the best option for the guys, which is much more user friendly than WordPress. Our little team included Jillian Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager), Brandon Baxter (GoDaddy Guide), Laurie Bloom (Project Manager), and myself, as their visual designer. 


“You’re the best. We’re obviously over the moon about the site. We loved working and continuing to work with you so we’re stoked as can be!”

— Romance & Rebellion


Responsive Site

The guys at Romance & Rebellion’s image is constantly evolving. Their appearance, depending on the season, could look entirely different. So locking down a style for them initially was a challenge. My colleague Jillian helped narrow down their vision and vibe. She helped push the boundaries that Website Builder’s capability could handle, and turned out with a better result than we had imagined.

When we hopped on the Zoom call to review the band’s final design, they were so pumped. These guys were so fun to work with the entire time and incredibly gracious throughout the process. Now the site is launched, and we all were happy with the result. I couldn’t have done it without this team!


The band was so excited by their site launch that they featured their new hero image on both social media platforms such as Instagram and Spotify. 

Quote from the lead singer: “That’s all the team over at @Godaddy!!!! They make every step of the process so streamlined and easy @carlyreigel @jillisays @dayyumdaddy”

Team Credits:

Jillian Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager), Brandon Baxter (GoDaddy Guide) and 
Laurie Bloom (Project Manager).