UI & Visual Design

For the first eight months at GoDaddy, I worked closely with the email brand team while implementing brand standards. Design services included developing new templates to engage more customers in revenue for GD products such as Website Builder, Professional Web Services, Domain, and Office 365.

GoDaddy was going through a significant brand transition when I joined the team in 2019. The standard for email design shifted dramatically, and so did the user experience. Previously, GoDaddy’s emails and advertising used cheesy gimmicks and branding tactics. Our brand mission was to shift gears to a modern approach with a customer-centric mission in mind. The color palette’s we used at the time were bright and pastel colors. We leveraged our in-house photography of the customer’s small business experience to connect to a wide range of audiences we had targeted for our email campaigns.

The upgraded branding helped our email campaigns perform better than before. While working with the team, the “Save 30% on Dev” that I designed (copy by Ariana Naraghi) outperformed the expected goal for its revenue. All of the designs above were executed with the mentorship of Peter Eko-Acquah.

In that short eight-month period, I learned so much from this team. My design skills drastically improved, as did my confidence in my ability to trust my design instincts. It was an honor working with this group of talented individuals.

Team Credits:

Peter Eko-Acquah (Senior Experience Designer), Ashley Carey (UX Designer II)Ariana Naraghi (Sr. Email Copywriter), & Connor Rickett (Sr. Email Copywriter)