Courage Style

Art Direction | Web & Branding

In March 2018, I was contacted by Briana Scott to help build her website and brand to promote her makeup and textile business. Initially, we met in Seattle to coordinate her vision for her brand, Courage Style. Located in Canada, we corresponded remotely for ease of communication.

Briana’s talent wasn’t showcased on her previous website because it wasn’t responsive or mobile optimized. She wanted something contemporary that reflected her choice in fashion and makeup style. Her makeup experience has enabled her to work with famous actors such as Shia Labeouf, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Hopkins.

Project Brief

Finding the right design inspiration for Courage Style was a challenge. We wanted her brand to reflect bold colors with geometric patterns. The color palette we chose was inspired by makeup using nude and red tones.

For the design, we kept the logomark simple using the typeface bebas-neue. We wanted the logo to support her photographed work instead of detracting from her imagery. Using a typeface as the logo allowed the client to express her creative freedom with its classic ligatures.

Business Cards

We kept a minimal approach for the back of the business cards, but for the front of the cards, we created a design resembling abstract art using clean lines with geometric patterns. Mark Rothko inspired the design with his use of expressionist work. To give the cards a sense of luxury, we printed the cards a heavy cardstock with

I love opening the website; it brings
me so much happiness. You did a
fantastic job. Also still obsessed with the business cards!

— Brianna Scott


Responsive Site

The client’s previous site was dated and didn’t reflect Courage Style’s brand. The business cards inspired the website design using bold reds, nudes, and a white color palette to retain her style. Using responsive design for her website made it easy for her future clients to view her work on desktop, tablet, and mobile.