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Carry On Clothing – CR Design

Carry On Clothing

Art Direction | Web & Branding

Tye Young, Owner of Carry On Clothing, reached out to our team at GoDaddy to help her build her WordPress website. After serving for eight years in the military, Tye’s goal was to create an apparel company that would support soldiers of color returning from active duty or who currently serve in the military.

Our client’s enthusiasm was infectious. She was incredibly grateful for our help and very excited to get her company off the ground. My role as the visual designer was to build a WordPress e-commerce site that would highlight her merchandise and make it a seamless, responsive design.

Project Brief

Before starting the design process, we met with Carry On Clothing during a Zoom call to understand what Tye was looking for in her website design. This project was challenging for me at first. I’m not a gun enthusiast, but I could get behind her mission and support the troops. So our goal was to build her brand that utilized guns in her branding without seeming overtly armed. Our small team included Jillian Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager), Derek Powell (Marketing Manager), Brandon Baxter (GoDaddy Guide), and myself as their visual designer. 


Thank you so much! I’m absolutely in love with my website. I couldn’t be happier. 

— Tye Carolina

Logo Design

Working on the logo variations was fun. The military badge look inspired me. Although the gun image is out of my comfort zone, we made the badge very approachable and carried well across swag options. I also created a custom T-shirt’s for her and a duffle bag, incorporating her new logo options.

Responsive Site

Tye’s e-commerce site through Shopify was pretty bland and boring. It didn’t showcase Tye’s passionate personality and love for camo. So I made sure when designing the site, that camoflauge was the star of the show. I added the camo as an accent so it wouldn’t be too overpowering throughout the site. 

Before we sent the designs to the developer, we showed Tye the wireframe, and she was over the moon, excited. Working with clients like Tye reminds me why I love doing my job. When she approved the site, we sent the design off for development. 

Her site is still a work in progress, and she’s working on her merchandise. I couldn’t be happier for her that her website is what she envisioned. 

Team Credits:

Jillian Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager), Derek Powell (Marketing Manager). Brandon Baxter (GoDaddy Guide) and website development by PWS.