Adrienne Pao

Art Direction | Web

I met professor Adrienne Pao through a previous client of mine, who had referred her to me. Photography is one of my passions, so I was excited to help her rebrand her website and brand identity. Working with Adrienne was a delight. She embodies her photographs; fun and energetic. I knew I wanted to create a website for her that showcased her immense talent.

Project Brief

We started with a creative brief to get a feel for her needs for the site redesign. We both wanted to emphasize her photographs, as her old site didn’t show the photo series’ depth.

Dress Tent Series

Adrienne described her series as: “Dress Tents are wearable architecture (installations) and large color photographs that picture the dress tent with a companion landscape, constructing a fashion of the place. Some installations are performed in public spaces such as museums or urban streets, while others are made and staged just for the photograph.”

Responsive Site

When working with Adrienne, I focused on making sure her site looked great on both mobile and desktop. Her previous website was not mobile-friendly, making it challenging for potential customers to interact with her for more business. Creating a responsive template fixed the issue, and she now sells her prints on her e-commerce store.

I absolutely love my site. My students have noticed a huge improvement in the design. Thank you!

— Adrienne Pao

Brand Identity

Initially, we had started with just rebranding her website, but we wanted her brand to be consistent across the board. The logo mark created for Adrienne was minimalist with slight curves, so the letterform isn’t rigid. Then, I created business cards to mimic similar styling as the logo for consistency.